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clubDetox offers revolutionary and most comprehensive detox programs
in Southern California. Our detox programs are designed to tap into the metabolic rhythm of the organic living body to remove paralyzing toxic accumulation to reboot and reset the entire system. Our proprietary techniques will help you to rejuvenate, regain energy and unlock your
body's full potential.

Weight issues?
Feeling tired with no energy?
Getting sick easily and often?
Skin problems?
Lacking quality sleep and concentration?

Suffering from headaches and chronic illness?


If you have any of the above issues, your body is toxic. 93% of Americans have a trace of over 200 chemicals in their systems, making its way from plastic bottles, toothpaste, tap water, cosmetics, carpeting, electronics, etc. Processed foods with their preservatives, additives and coloring, topped with synthetic drinks and medication, make a very toxic and unhealthy body setting. To maintain a strong, healthy and lean body, you need to remove these poisons. Our 100% natural and proved detox program does just that.


27932 La Paz Road, Suite C
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Call: 949.484.4322

1040 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, CA Newport Beach Center

Call: 949.219.0112


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Mo - Fri 9am-8pm
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Sun - 10am-4pm

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Customer Testimonials

"I just completed the clubDetox 3-day cleanse and I feel amazing. I thought I was going to be hungry, but the juices kept me satisfied.
I had so much energy and even my mind became clearer by the day.
And, I lost 7lbs in the process. The plan kick-started my new clean lifestyle, and I am excited about what's ahead!"

Sylvia F.
Vice President, NBC Universal

Club Detox Orange County

Newport Beach 


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